Monday, June 8, 2009

St. Francisville, LA

St. Francisville has some important must-do's and must-sees. I was there fairly recently visiting some historic sites, have some info to pass on.

*New Edit* June 12 2009. I just saw an ad in the paper today for the St. Francisville Hummingbird Festival, July 24-25, 2009. They are banding hummingbirds, and it looks like an up-close and personal look at the resident hummingbird population. I had a similar experience last month at a friend's house.

There are lots of plantation houses, which I will include links another day. You can stay overnight in many of them. Some of them are supposed to have ghosts.

Audubon State Park, location of Oakley Plantation, is a wonderful thing to see. It is out in the middle of nowhere but it's only a few minutes from St. Francisville. It's a great example of its architecture style, and admission is very reasonable because it's a state park. If you Google on Oakley Plantation, you will find lots of information from a variety of sources.

More historic house information in St. Francisville to come.

***New edit 2014. The St. Francisville ferry is no more. In 2011, the river flood stage inundated the ferry landing. They hurried up to finish the new bridge, and the ferry was not reinstated after the flood. We rode the ferry with some Canadian friends only weeks before it closed. It was an awesome experience to cross the Mississippi in flood.

On the west side of the river, you will be on the edge of the town of New Roads, on False River (an old oxbow of the Mississippi). It is easy to drive through town and end up on Hwy. 190, which you can either follow west to Opelousas, then south to Lafayette, or you can keep going south to I-10 and cross the Atchafalaya swamp on a 26-mile long bridge.

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