Monday, June 8, 2009

Gulf Coast Summer Weather

Hot and steamy. There you have it.

The prevailing wind is from the south, blowing moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. The normal pattern in summer is for the moisture to build up big clouds in the heat of the day, then in mid-afternoon to early evening, pour back down in torrential thunderstorms. The thunderstorms can last a couple of hours. The bad weather can last longer if a cool front comes from the north to meet the hot wet air from the Gulf.

Dry days are possible but the afternoon thunderstorm is a regular pattern, especially when the high temperatures are 95F (35C) and up.

The heat index readings which combine the air temperature with the humidity to give an idea of how hot it feels often reach 100F (37C) and higher in July and August.

*Note* As of this edit, June 12, the high temp today is expected to be 93F (33C)with a heat index as high as 101F (38C). We are in a dry week, with highs around 95F (35C) and lows around 75F (23C). Humidity is high.

Check the National Weather Service for weather details, and hurricane warnings.

All bets are off if there's a hurricane.

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